Average Breast Size By Country

I cannot think of a more vital map to have.

It’s surely much better than that penis one we had up before.

Note to self: Next time, vacation in Finland.  Wanna see where the US ranks?

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About Braden

I'm Braden from the "Karlson & McKenzie" show on 100.7 WZLX, Boston's Classic Rock. I'm the co-founder of coltmonday.com, and a contributor to WZLX.com, as well. I think I'm hilarious.
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One Response to Average Breast Size By Country

  1. moneybags says:

    Are you seriously trying to tell me those “National Geographic boobs” in Africa are only an “A” cup? Come on now. MAybe they are saying A cup because they need “a cup” to stuff those free swinging, eggplant shaped, bone pierced, boobs into.

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