“TOP 5″ Girls of COLT MONDAY

The Current Top 5 Chicks of COLTMONDAY.COM!
(updated 12.03.10!)

Our CURRENT CHAMP is… Scarlett Johansson!

Click on their names to go to their respective huge photo galleries!

1. Scarlett Johansson (NEW!)

2. Diora Baird

3. Kelly Brook

4. Brooklyn Decker

5. Christina Hendricks

Congratulations, ladies! Now here are the girls who’ve been knocked off the chart.

Last Eliminated –

Alison Brie

Out -

Maria Menounos

Katy Perry as Smurfette
Katy Perry

Blake Lively

Anna Chlumsky

Sasha Grey

No idea what this is about? Need an explanation? Well then… Read on, nerd!


So a while ago, I decided it would be fun if we just start listing our current “Top 5″ chicks. You know how you used to break down hot actresses and singers with your college buddies, and rank the hottest women that you’d bang if given one shot, even if you were saddled with a wife or a girlfriend? One of those can’t-pass-up opportunities that you’d just have to go for, no matter the consequences? No?

Well, we used to do it. It can change all the time; girls will drop out and reappear, Adriana Lima might never leave your Top 5, while somebody might throw a complete curveball like Tina Fey (because she’s hilarious and kinda pretty) in there, just because they dig her and would go to town on their ass. So we’re going to open up the debate. (…and yeah, this is pretty much just an opportunity to post pics of hot chicks, you figured it out, gold star for you, fucko.)

If you have any suggestions for a lovely lady we should look at, email us! Send it to coltmonday@gmail.com!

6 Responses to “TOP 5″ Girls of COLT MONDAY

  1. Ric says:

    I know Menounos is a Mass girl, but man that laugh eliminates her from any list I’d ever make…I’d be slitting my own throat within minutes.

    Katy Perry is one of those chicks I’d like to see as just a normal girl without all the stupid-ass outfits and pop star B.S. She seems cool, and gots stems and milk duds for days. Why she out?

    But Christina Hendricks…you hit the grand slam with that one. Can’t see ever taking her out of a Top 5 (should be higher than 4), and if you do, you’re crazy. At least, give her an honorary Top 5 Hall of Fame spot if you have to keep rotating them out. That girl lacks nothing.

    [Feed me mommy! :-P]

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  3. armin says:

    i love you…tank for image

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