Whether it’s the proposed Marlins-Pirates three-way, or something else coming down the Pike, I’m pretty sure today’s the last day Manny will be on the Red Sox roster. I know we go down this road every year, but I’ve got the feeling like this is finally it. I don’t want to trade him, but they need to. He’s just crazy enough to tank the rest of this season, dooming the Sox in a childish maneuver just because he’s not happy. I don’t care what they get in return, honestly, but to be rid of him and the whilrling fuckshow he brings with him would be addition by subtraction. If I was Theo, I’d do the Hermida/Tucker/Stanton deal straight up at this point. I love what Manny has done to help this team win two rings, but I’m sick of the constant distraction. Even Gammons is drinking the Haterade by the gallon, and his most recent article might be the best thing he’s written all year. At this point, he’s not putting up the numbers to justify the headache. Goodbye, Manny. Thank you for the rings and the memories. Now get the fuck out.

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I'm the co-founder of, a father, husband and an Emerson Alum. I also teach people how to be good on the radio at Connecticut School Of Broadcasting. Not to brag, but I'm humble as hell.
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