Osama Bin Laden Dead! Is This Photographic Proof?

President Obama announced late last night that Osama Bin Laden had been killed in Pakistan, and that his body had been disposed of at sea, in  in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition. There are some people out there who want proof that Osama is in fact dead, and a gruesome photo of his alleged corpse has been circulating the Internet this morning.

We have posted it after the jump, but let me stress: DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH IN ANY WAY. It may be fake, but it’s still a disturbing and bloody image. It’s NSFW and gross and I don’t think you should look at it.

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I'm the co-founder of coltmonday.com, a father, husband and an Emerson Alum. I also teach people how to be good on the radio at Connecticut School Of Broadcasting. Not to brag, but I'm humble as hell.
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25 Responses to Osama Bin Laden Dead! Is This Photographic Proof?

  1. resetnos says:

    ok american people its called hollywood makeup .. and video .. and media propoganda.

    you think these people are dead ? ok wake up america the gov is pulling the wool on our eyes ..

    easy to fake a death and disapear …….

    this man is alive and i got proff that will blow the world away

    its cost you 1.99 to know the truth:)

  2. Whatever says:

    That picture is OBVIOUSLY fake. Look how different the complexion of the skin is and how crappily cropped the bottom part of osamas face is. Someone just put the bottom of his face to some dead guys picture.

  3. Uncle Joe says:



  4. Fatcouchpotato says:

    This isn’t proof at all. That picture is photoshopped from a picture of him. The proof is all over the net. That was back in 2005 they’re saying.

  5. Fraya says:

    The photo is fake, it is this picture flipped horizontally and placed over a dead guy.
    Throw it in photoshop if you do not believe me. I’ve already done it:

  6. knowerofallthings says:

    that’s a photo shop but it doesn’t mean he’s dead or he’s not.

  7. LMFAO says:

    Picture is a year old came form 4chan. Media is so easily tricked

  8. This is bullshit says:

    I agree with those 2 above me. This is bullshit. Our government is as real as wrestling.

  9. LOLWOW says:

    thers no question thats fake that came out in 2007 from unconfirmedsources.com lol… anyway this whole thing is bullshit just to make sure obama gets re-elected.
    I think i’m gna move out of this disgusting country soon

  10. Adizzle says:

    This photo is a fake… http://globalgrind.com/news-politics/osama-bin-ladens-dead-photo-graphic?page=2

    Go to that website if you don’t believe me

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  12. is he really dead how do u really known what if he is in America dressed as some one else what if he was not the leader of 911 are u really sure how do u know are u really safe did he actually do anything is it a real mystery what if h is still out there what if he is you husband or wife your girlfriend your boyfriend your best friend your mom your day he could be dead or he could be alive how would u know unless u were him how would u know anything is it all true is Obama really helping Alkita whats going on is there really an Alkita or is this just one big ball of lies who knows ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


    if he was really killed they like me would of posed him 4 pictures not dumped his shitass body in the ocean!!!!! talk about putting crap in our beautifull sea! who ever wants a 1.99 can kiss my ass you greedy BASTARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kate says:

    not fake, first of all everyone’s face is more tan than their body, and duh, he’s dead. Stop trying to make 1.99 off some poor naive sucker. Peace

  15. Open Wide says:

    Open wide…here comes another load of government crap for us to swallow. We gotta have better proof than the Oracle-in-Chief mouthing words. Why would you dump the body, so quickly, of the number one bad guy in the world? Why?

  16. Kaiti says:

    The picture is FAKE! Check out this if you don’t believe, it’s the two pictures used and put together, DERP some people are dumb. http://meercat9.com/blog/fake_osama_picture.php

  17. Jessie James says:

    Anyone beleive this one?

  18. Sheena says:

    This photo is a fake :stare:
    I mean seriously, the mouth and beard are in the same as in another similar photo of this douche. Either they got the wrong body, or i don’t give a fuck about victory.

  19. He’s dead bro’s… why you mad? But really, he’s dead.

  20. Ivan says:

    HI PPL I REally want to know where i can find photos of this faggot binladin. so PLEASE EMAIL me if u know of a source or site i can look at his fucked up face

  21. Ivan says:

    hi ppl is there any one out there that knows where i can find the dead binladen pictures or websites where i can find him cause i really wanna know that that terroist ass hole is really dead so email me if u know where to get the pic or the vid

  22. Tiago says:

    why some people can’t see this photo is fake?
    who can people say he’s dead just looking to this photo?
    If Obama said he is dead, i beleave him, but the photo is fake!!!

  23. em says:

    I dont believe this one bit. All of america has been waiting for this moment and for them to just dump him in the sea is wrong. we need proof! we deserve it.

  24. mrbutt hole says:

    suck my balls dry thay need to get wet btw this sight is bs and you be geting trolllololoed

  25. mrbutt hole says:

    cant masterbait on a plane thx alot binladin (hangover)

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