30 More Things You Should Know By Now

1. The Celtics aren’t doing dick this year.

2. I’m going to be pissed if they re-sign KG or Ray Allen. Save that money for younger legs.

3. The wedding is shaping up, although Amanda’s doing almost ALL the work for it. It’s going to be a blast. I wish I could invite more people, but the place we picked can only hold so many, and we’ve got a lot of family coming. If you DON’T receive an invite – You’re more than welcome to crash it, though, we’re doing the buffet thing instead of plated meals, so that part won’t matter. Just don’t tell Amanda. For info – go to http://bradenandamanda.com

4. The best performance from the Grammys was the all-too-brief song from the Civil Wars. I can’t find the performance video, because the Grammys are stupid and don’t want allow YouTube videos to link to their stuff, but here’s the song they performed.

5. Adele deserved every damn award she got, and then some. That album is a juggernaut and will be considered a classic – and it’s about damn time we had a talent like that get recognized. She’s going to be the transcendental artist of our generation – She’s our Aretha.

6. I’ve written entirely too many RIP posts on this thing for my liking.

7. The Sox are going to finish behind the Blue Jays and the Yankess in the AL East this year.

8. It took much cajoling, but I finally won out: Our first dance song – SPOILER ALERT!

9. No matter how funny or clever I think I am, I’ll never get to see one of my submissions on the front page of Reddit.

10. I could use a little help in the Twitter follower department: http://twitter.com/coltmonday

11. I’ve been at my current job for over 6 years! I swore, in college, that I’d get out of Boston and never settle down in  one spot for longer than 5. Oh well.

12. I’m amazingly lucky to work with the people I get to work with.

13. I’m going to have a kid sometime in the next 2 years, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Probably sooner than that, actually. Oh yes – I will be unleashing a Bradenspawn upon the world. Alert the proper authorities.

14. Gregors needs to call me back. This whiskey bar in Fenway I keep hearing about isn’t going to visit itself.

15. I’m picking all the music for the cocktail hour and dinner hour at our wedding. Expect a whole lot of Talking Heads, She & Him, Avett Brothers, and The Magnetic Fields.

16. I’m proud of Stevie for venturing out to Arizona for his schoolin’ all by his lonesome, but I miss that magnificent bastard something awful.

17.  I have NO IDEA what we’re going to do after we return from our honeymoon. This wedding (plus the purchase of the new condo and the sale of the Southie one) has taken up almost two years of our free time. Maybe I’ll be able to get back to running this site at the level it was before all this nonsense.

18. Living out in the ‘burbs is awesome, and I don’t really miss Southie at all.

19. If I do return this site back to it’s previous levels of output, the Top 5 Girls of Colt Monday feature will be revived. The first two ladies who are going to get posted:  Emma Stone and Kate Upton.

20. Because this:

21. And this:

22. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal is the best cereal.

23. The only movie I want to see this summer is The Hunger Games.

24. I’m a thirty-two year old man.

25. If I had my druthers, this would have been our first dance song… but she vetoed it.

26. Going to a Super Bowl is awesome.

27. Seeing your favorite team lose at the Super Bowl is not.

28. If the Bruins win the Stanley Cup again this year, I get over 4 grand back from Jordan’s Furniture.

29. I’ve never been a bigger Bruins fan than before this season.

30. And finally, just so you know…

About Braden

I'm the co-founder of coltmonday.com, a father, husband and an Emerson Alum. I also teach people how to be good on the radio at Connecticut School Of Broadcasting. Not to brag, but I'm humble as hell.
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4 Responses to 30 More Things You Should Know By Now

  1. Amanda says:

    If people crash our wedding, we still have to pay for them….sad face. So if you do crash, please bring a cash gift and we will call it even.

  2. Amanda says:

    I am a little concerned with our free time but I think little baby Stewart Bradley-Moriarty will fill that void.

    I would love to know what you miss about Southie – is it the awesome people or the parking?

    Ray Allen is an overrated, delicate crybaby that does make some clutch shots but that is about it. He needs to go away…far far away.

  3. Braden says:

    That is NOT his name. His name is Dovahkin Mikey Awesome-Sauce Danger Griffin Dreamcrusher Moriarty.

    Get it right.

  4. Christina, future sister-in-law says:

    #1. I am starting to wonder if y’all should live in separate apartments until after the wedding. Lets not rush a little Stewart Bradley-Moriarty… cause lets face it, who is Amanda expecting to raise said child?
    #2. You should preface that if you are “cute, single, wealthy, and in the 30-40 age range” you can crash the wedding, otherwise… don’t bother
    #3. After you get home from your honeymoon, you can spend lots of time making delicious foods like: http://cupcakesbycali.com/2012/01/09/oreo-stuffed-chocolate-chip-cookie-brownies/ to thank us (mainly me) for everything.

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