Sarah Silverman Speaks Out Against “Voter Fraud” – GO GET PHOTO ID, PEOPLE!


NSFW – It’s fuckin’ Sarah Silverman, y’all.


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One Response to Sarah Silverman Speaks Out Against “Voter Fraud” – GO GET PHOTO ID, PEOPLE!

  1. Glenn Leahey says:

    I’m 49 y.o., do not drive and “lost” my non-driver’s ID almost 20 years ago when it went through the wash AND dry laundry cycles (along with 6 Luther Vandross/En Vogue tickets). I haven’t wanted/needed to fly on an airplane since 1995, I have credit cards, checking account etc., so I’ve never needed to specifically go through the aggravation of getting another non-driver’s ID from New York State. Luckily, I still don’t, since I know most of the little old ladies who work for the Board of Elections since I was a little fat kid. But if I lived in Pennsylvania or in any of the mostly southern, Republican controlled-states who changed VOTER ID laws over the last 2-3 years, I’d be “screwed” on Tuesday, November 6th. I think there were “only” 2000 voter FRAUD indictments with @1000 total convictions from Y2000 through 2010…in a country of over 300 million people….and, I think, about half of them were BY Republicans (i.e. Kentucky Senate Primary in 2010). I think you can ONLY use driver’s/non-driver’s photo IDs to vote in Georgia/per their recent legislation, and even a Ga. Tech of Univ. of Georgia photo id. is NOT sufficient. I hope the various voting rights groups CLOG up the lines in all these states…start a new civil rights cause, and perhaps a new GREY PANTHER movement!

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