While attending Emerson College, let’s say around the year 2000 or so, my best friend, an aspiring writer and director named Mike Morrison (AKA our co-founder Dolemike, as seen in all of his glory above) gathered together a few of his pals and started a tradition.  “Colt Monday.”  It was a group that grew from 5 or six broke-ass film students to hundreds more like-minded Bostonians where every Monday, they would drink Colt 45 Forties and hang out. There wasn’t that much more to it; at least not at first.

We’d talk about music, classes, the Celtics; we’d catch up on each other’s week, talk about what we saw on TV, or at the movies, or share that one kick-ass thing we found on the Internet with whoever was there. Every other night of the week was taken up by class, jobs, schoolwork, or other commitments, and Monday was the one night we could get all the guys together.  This small gathering of 6 to 10 guys (including Mikey’s brother Stevie and myself, the other website co-founder: Big Head Braden) met every Monday and drank Colt and had a great time. It wasn’t about anything but getting to relax while drinking a cold 40 with your friends. Anybody could bring anybody they like, and by semester’s end, the event had grown to 25 to 50 people, every Monday. It kept roaming from one dingy crappy college apartment to another dingy beat-up college apartment, but word still spread all over campus about this thing called “Colt Monday”.

We never missed a week through the end of college. By then end of the first year, Colt Monday had become something we all rallied around. It was the lone bright spot we could all point to and look forward to every week – while struggling to find our place in the professional and adult world, we had one thing we could all count on. Every Monday, we’d get to see each other and drink our favorite beer. Mikey would walk in the door, announce that “It’s Monday… COLT!”, and there’d be a cold 40 in his hand before his foot would touch ratty carpet.

There were a few hardcore rules to the event. 1: Nobody could drink anything but Colt 45. We used to run to the crappy deli in a somewhat seedy part of town and buy them out of ALL the cases of forties they had in stock each week. It was the beverage of choice, and we stuck to it. 2: Nobody could drink until the founding 6 arrived. 3: I don’t think there was a rule #3. Hell, it didn’t even have to be a Monday, but it definitely helped. We had a few special bonus Colt Monday celebrations on other nights of the week, but we never missed a Monday. It was about having a good time, and we loved it. Even during the summer break, most students would come back into Boston to partake in the Colt Monday tradition with those of us stuck in the city working jobs.  We had nights where we had HUNDREDS of people at Colt Monday, all of which were drinking 1 to 2, and sometime 3 Colts. These were some of the best nights any of us ever had. Yeah – it wasn’t much, but it’s what we had. It was really all we needed.

College ended, we all pretty much went our separate ways, but we still stay in touch. Mikey, Stevie, Gregors and I were the ones who stayed in Boston after all the film and TV kids moved out to LA, and we kept having Colt Monday, only a smaller version, and the West Coasters started a Colt Monday in California, which helped gain steam after Mikey and Stevie moved out there with them. Mikey and Stevie moved back and forth for a while, and I talked with both of them regularly on the phone, almost every night.  While on the phone one evening, me and Mikey started to talk about writing a blog together. This is the culmination of that. We kinda already knew what we were going to call it.

“We can have Colt Monday all the time, no matter where we are! We just have to type it out!”
“…and drink while we’re doin’ it!”

So here you are. And COLTMONDAY.com ain’t much, but that’s a good thing. It’s a random splattering of things we find interesting and want to share with other people, most of all the ol’ Colt Monday crew. We’re not trying to impress you, or anybody else for that matter. We just want an outlet to share our stuff with those we care about. We’ll throw up our work, the stuff we’re proud of; random stories, pointless arguments, and any other crap we would have prattled on about long past 11:59am on Mondays in the cold winters of Boston surrounded by our friends way back when.

Anytime we all get together, we always have a Colt Monday. This was one thing our little group did that was special to us and we still do to this day 10 years later. Sadly, we had to have one on the night of Mikey’s funeral, as he passed away in May of 2009. We miss him with all of our heart, and while that day was one of the saddest days of my life, I think about him a million times every day, and everytime I walk pass the coolers in a liquor store and see the white label with the buckin’ bronco, I think of him and smile, just like I do when I hear a Nirvana song or watching Tommy Heinsohn yell at the refs during a Celtics game.

After Mikey, I thought about taking this thing down; we started it together, and it felt weird going on alone. But I’m glad I didn’t. The radio’s not going to stop playing Cobain, the Celtics aren’t going anywhere soon, so he’s always going to be here, and trust me – this helps. This is one way I can keep him around, because he kept us all together, and I’m pretty sure he’d like that.

“It’s Monday…. COLT!”

Thanks, Mikey.

-Braden Moriarty
AKA “Bigga-Bee”
AKA ” The Show”
Co-Founder – COLTMONDAY.com

7 Responses to About COLT MONDAY and COLTMONDAY.com

  1. Stevie says:

    this is great Braden. this is first time i read this and its really nice.

  2. cher says:

    wow this is awesome braden .very brave of you i could never do this if my heather died ! thanx

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. blake says:

    May your brother rest in peace man

  5. Jenn says:

    Hadn’t ever read this. It’s awesome.

  6. Little G says:

    Never saw this before B. Great stuff though you seriously fucked up rules #1 & 2. You know the rules and why I can’t elaborate more….Keep those fires burning!

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