Stereotypes: Pickup Basketball


This is why I just like to go shoot hook shots for 20 minutes by myself.


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What I’m Listening To: The 2nd Week Of August 2013


New MGMT, plus some new-to-me tracks from The National, Youth Lagoon, Jake Bugg, Phoenix and Brick + Mortar.

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Mormon Missionaries Rope-A-Dope Some Locals During A Hoop Game

… and this is now my favorite thing ever. Dat Faith. The dude in the blue shorts running around after the dunks happen slays me.

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Adventures At Boston Comic-Con! [PHOTOS & VINES!]


I went down to the Seaport World Trade Center for Boston Comic-Con this weekend. We talked to loads of nerds, dorks, geeks and dweebs! Here’s some photos and videos (in the form of vines) that we shot on their exploits.


Listen to the interviews and the quizzes here:

Boston Comic-Con Recap: “Do They Still Live With Their Parents?”

Boston Comic-Con Recap: “Are You Still a Virgin?”

Boston Comic-Con Recap: “Are They a Virgin?” – Round #2! 

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What I’m Listening To: 4th Week Of July & 1st Week Of August

Whoops. Forgot to post last week’s playlist, so here you go. It was a good one, too. I really like Crystal Stilts, and The Districts is a bunch of kids still in high school! That Papa song is great, too.

As far as this week, I’m trying to let the new RJD2 grow on me, but I’m a big fan of fellow Vineyarders Family Of The Year and that Boots Electric record.

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Well, I’m No Longer Hungry. [Porn Sex Vs. Real Sex… Using Food For Visual Aids)

I think it was the celery scissoring that got me.


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True Facts About The Owl

My wife loves owls. They’re actually giving giraffes a run for their money in terms of her affection lately. (Seriously, she’s brought home 4 ceramic owl figurines in the past two months alone.) Me? They scare the bejeezus out of me. These fuckers are airborne velociraptors with built-in sonar. Sure, they’re cute as babies, but they quickly turn into  winged harbingers of doom.

Watch the video, though. It’s pretty funny.


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This Is Freakin’ Genius: No More Peanut Butter Knuckles!

Get these guys a damn Nobel Peace Prize!

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Well, This Is Incredibly Disturbing: Scientifically Accurate DuckTales (NSFW)

Childhood = RUINED.


I’m sorry.

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What I’m Listening To This Week: 3rd Week Of July 2013 + DELTRON’S BACK!


Plus, an album’s on the way, people! I might’ve just squealed in excitement (and yeah, maybe I peed a little.) It’s like I’m back under Downtown Evan Brown’s bunk on Comm Ave listening to WinAMP.

Here’s a youtube version –

Also, here’s this week’s RDIO playlist, featuring new Pearl Jam, New St. Lucia, and more.



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Paul Pierce Is Thanking Boston On Instagram


It just got awfully dusty in here, all of a sudden. Dammit. I’m going to miss him.

He’s posting a ton of awesome pics. Check them out here.

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…And This Is How You Handle Being Heckled.

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Here’s The The Cosby Show/”Blurred Lines” Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

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The “Olynyk Klynyk” Has Begun

25 points?! 7 rebounds? Who cares if he’s getting pushed around like a swiffer down in the paint, I’m excited! Yeah, it’s only one summer league game, but I’m grasping at optimistic straws at this point with the C’s.



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This Guy Has Got It GOIN’ ON!

Damn. Dat swagger.

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What I’m Listening To This Week: 4th Week Of June 2013


My RDIO account was on the fritz for the past couple of weeks, but it has been restored to it’s previous glory, so I can share more music!

Saw Dawes last Friday at Royale, and they were amazing, so they’re all over this, along with Deer Tick, J Roddy Walston & The Business, and 2 tunes from Ladybug Transistor. 



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Bruins In 5.


(Holy crap. I need that majestic beard to kiss the cup. It NEEDS to happen. It’s just too good. )

Even though they let that game slip away from them last night, The B’s played well, and gave the Blackhawks all they could handle. (Chicago is a good team that I can respect, too; It’s weird playing a team you don’t want to see die in a fiery bus crash on the way to the rink, along with the ainti-bruin dipsticks doing a horseshit calling the game on NBC.)



(GFY, Pierre.)

Krug was the goat last night with that terrible turnover, but the B’s have to eventually switch it up and start dumping pucks when they’ve got a lead. Constantly shepherding it  into the Hawks’ zone last night tuckered them out too quick. I understand the idea, but Chicago’s too talented and ferocious to give up as easily as Shittsburgh did, and adjustments by this man need to be made much quicker.



In the end, all the Blackhawks did was hold serve and win in an amazingly loud & lively building. It’s gonna be a tremendous series. Bruins in 5.

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Bruins In 4!


Look, it’s obvious the Penguins have a pantload of problems to rectify if they want to get back into this series, but I think if the Bruins score first tonight, they’ll cave and quit. They’re just a bunch of freakin’ pansies, from the top down. The B’s are totally in their heads, and Crosby has been known to get “flustrated” (ROENICKISM!) especially on the road. See here:

If the Pens trot out Fleury tonight between the pipes and he gives up the first goal, we’re going to be waiting another week on the West again. There’s just no way they can come back – not with the way the B’s are playing.

Bruins in 4!



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Seriously, I Give Up.

LeBron Drink

More flopping and more shady reffing and the Miami Heat are headed to the Finals. Again.

Thank god for the Bruins, or else I’d be shopping for a noose. But if this is how the NBA wants things to go…





Spurs in 4.

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Boston Calling: 1st Edition Recap & 2nd Edition Preview!


Boston’s finally got a real, live, music festival.

I spent two days on City Hall plaza watching, listening and enjoying over a dozen bands while surrounded by thousands of sometimes cold, sometimes wet, yet always smiling fellow music fans.


LIVE rock music in large quantities is always good, because maybe you stumble upon a band you’ve never heard of (like I did with Marina & The Diamonds on Saturday), or finally see the appeal of a band you had previously ignored for no real reason (FUN.).

Here’s a playlist of my favorite songs by all the artists that played over the weekend:


I mainly wanted to go because I like the idea of big rock festivals (Lollapalooza, Burning Man, Woodstock, Bonnaroo – I never got to see these, because they weren’t here, and WZLX wasn’t going to fly me out “just so I can go get high with a bunch of hippies”), but none of them were close enough to go to on my own.

I was also jealous that Boston, a great live music town with a ton of rock history – didn’t have it’s own festival.  Well, now it does.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This city never has had a big rock music festival before – and the idea that one could be put together on the brick and concrete of City Hall Plaza on Memorial Day weekend, when many flee to the Cape – seemed like a bit of a stretch.

But man, did the kids come out – not just the kids, but adults too, I’d put the average attendant at the ripe ol’ age of 25 – because, like I previously stated – GOOD LIVE ACCESSIBLE ROCK MUSIC in ANY quantity has been hard to come by in this city for a long long time, and there was plenty of that at this festival, which left everyone happy – even Mayor Menino!


The weather sucked on Saturday, but the bands were amazing – Matt & Kim were outstanding and really got the crowd into it, and FUN (who I really had no interest in seeing as I assumed they were “just a pop band” but stuck around when my wife made me and was blown away by just how surprisingly good they were) rocked the audience as well.


Lead singer Nate Ruess (and I know how weird this sounds) reminded me a little of Freddie Mercury with his stage presence and overpowering vocals. The Shins also sounded great on Saturday.


Sunday’s weather was better, and the crowd a little bigger – but the bands were just as good, with The Walkmen and The National both being highlights. I didn’t go into the press tent that much, or the photo pit, because 1) I had no idea what i was doing and 2) I just wanted to get a feel for it and actually check out the general reaction to the event, to get an idea as to whether it was “working” or not, which it totally was. They really pulled off an awesome, fun event.


Here’s the Walkmen:


But the biggest star of the weekend was the festival itself, as it ran really smoothly despite the challenge posed by the bad weather – and everyone seemed to have a good time. In the beer garden (where you could get $7 beers, which is ridiculously cheap for a festival fee) everybody was talking about how seamless the operation seemed to be – which goes to show how well it was run.


The only other topic (besides how good the last band was) was when would they do it again – which was answered right before The National closed out the event with their set, when it was announced Boston Calling’s 2nd Edition would take place in September, to the delight of the crowd, especially when they revealed the headliners for that event would be Vampire Weekend and local guys Passion Pit.

Here’s a playlist full of the 2nd Edition’s lineup best songs (I honestly can’t wait for this!):


Here’s some more tweets, videos and pics from the 1st edition, too!

Really, check out Matt & Kim:

[tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet] [tweet]

They even did a shout-out tribute to a local band of some repute:


Here’s Portugal The Man:


Overall, we had a blast, and the festival really did the city proud, and vice-versa. The bands and execution (especially for a first crack at it) were amazing. You should really check it out when they do this again in September.

Here’s some more pictures and videos we took on Saturday and Sunday:


Even the cops were diggin’ it (this was during Matt & Kim’s set, I think)

[tweet] [tweet]

This was near the end of night 1:

[tweet] [tweet]

The Shins were really good:


I don’t know why, but I shot this too:


Mayor Menino, one more time!


Here’s the announcement of the 2nd Edition (with the lineup!)

Go to for more info.


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What I’m Listening To These Past Three Weeks: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Week Of May 2013

Two THREE playlists for you!

Highlights: WATSKY

Highlights: That Daughter track, plus Bahamas (thanks, Timmy!) & Cayucas!

Highlights: Mikal Cronin, CHAPPO…



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Abercrombie & Fitch Can Kiss My Fat Ass


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Miami Heat Fans Are The Worst Fans In Basketball

This is far from breaking news to anyone who watches the NBA, but

I knew the league wouldn’t let the Bulls have a shot last night, but that entire game was blantantly slanted to go Miami’s way from the jump. The refs made sure Chicago had no shot. Every important call went their way, and all the botched no-calls hurt the Bulls. You’d think Stern would try to make it less obvious, but apparently he doesn’t care if everyone knows the NBA is fixed.


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Sexy Pool Party!

Dammit. This is more clever than anything I could ever do.


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The Habs Started A Fight. The Sens Finished It.

Montreal just had their lunch handed to them. That was awesome.

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We Scrappin.


I’ll be wearing this. Let’s go to work. Celts in 7.

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For The Celtics To Beat The Knicks In NYC, All They Need To Do Is Play Better Ball Than This In The 2nd Half

It’s that simple. Don’t get smoked in the last two quarters, keep it close, and Melo will go iso for the last 5 minutes and cost them ‘Bockers Game 5.

Celts in 7.

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What I’m Listening To This Week: 4th Week Of April 2013


NEW FRANK TURNER! NEW YEAH YEAH YEAHS! NEW FLAMING LIPS! And a really good band I just found called the Thee Oh Sees!

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Happy Birthday, Youtube! Let’s Celebrate With Some Bootleg Fireworks!

YouTube is 8 years old today… and we celebrate with one of my favorite videos of all-time. NSFW!


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It’s A New Week. Let’s Try To Return To Normalcy. Here’s A Newsanchor Swearing A Blue Streak On His First Day On The Job.

Ahhhhhh…. that’s better. By the way, he got suspended. Let’s get back at it, folks!

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Go Get ‘Em!

While These are somewhat blurry photos and there are probably many thousands of innocent people who look like them, and innocent until blah blah blah let’s get these fuckers.


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For Boston: The K&M Montages « 100.7 WZLX

mass loves boston

For Boston: The K&M Montages « 100.7 WZLX.

That’s a link to the montages we’ve made over the past few days.


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Watch The Hell Out Of This, Please: Colbert Report 04.16.13


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Because We’re Boston. That’s Why.


I’m not gonna try to make sense of what happened at the Marathon, or even try to gather my thoughts about it. I’m just going to sit here and tell you something you probably already know, which is something we’re known to do around here.

We are fine. We’re good. It’ll take a hell of a lot more than that to shake us. Yes, we lost far too much and far too many yesterday, and we grieve for the fallen and their families – but we are still here, and we’re not scared. Far from it. We never have been the type to be scared; and even if we were, we’d never admit it.


What we are is something else, and we’re certainly not afraid to tell you exactly what that is.

We’re thankful, sad, lucky, appreciative, and angry – all at the same time. (Some of us might be a little drunk, too.) We are what we are, and what we always have been: friends, family, and a prideful (and often prickly) people, brought together by a sense of community unlike anywhere else I’ve ever seen.


We are everyone who has ever called this city home: from those of us who’ve lived here all our lives in the houses where our uncles beat the crap out of each other as kids; to those of us who only came here to go to school or to work for a while and moved on, but took some of that trademark snark with us to our new destination. You might leave the city, but this city never leaves you. Whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, we’re all still here, in a way. In a very good way.

That’s what this town does. It sticks with you – so we stick with it, no matter what. We are rabidly and irrationally devoted to this city that we often complain about to each other, but will dive across a table to defend if someone disrespects. And we’re known to be more than a little stubborn & nonsensical about such things.


We don’t ask for your sympathy, for its a trait were not all too familiar with. We just ask you to keep a look out…. and when we find the ones responsible, you probably are going to want to look the other way.


Yes, we’re heated, but we’ll be fine. Yeah, we might really wanna swear and curse and scream, but we know our mothers are keeping an eye on us and are worried sick, so we’ll keep it together – tighter than a studio in a Southie three-decker.

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t miss the 2014 Marathon. We’re gonna put on a SHOW. It wouldn’t surprise me if we replaced the lamp posts along the route with giant middle finger salutes.

We’ll get through this the only way we know how, and we’ll still be here. Why?


Because we’re Boston. That’s why.

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Soon, All Popular Comedy Will Just Be Fart Noises


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Happy Patriots Day, Everyone! Here’s A Video Of My Dog Dancing To Beyoncé


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… And That’s Why Brook Lopez Sits Down To Pee.

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This Is Probably Why You Need A Manager

You had one job, and you failed while failing at it. FAILCEPTION.

Thanks Obama

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Look At All Those…

I can’t breathe.


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What I’m Listening To This Week: 2nd Week Of April 2013



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Your Context-Free Video Of The Day

Have a good weekend!


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Dammit, I Wish I Had HBO

Between this and “Game Of Thrones,” I feel like I’m missing out.


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Your Context-Free Video Of The Day

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The NBA Is Rigged

Highlights from the Lakers very suspicious 2013 playoff push.

After an embarrassing blowout to the Clippers on February 14th, it seemed unlikely that the Lakers would make the postseason. Over the next month they went on a miraculous winning spree that pushed them firmly back into the playoff picture.

What a coinkydink!


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I Taught My 3-Month Old Nephew How To Speak Wookie

This was after a LOT of scotch. But he did it!


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Evan Brown Has A Posse: STORM TEAM

Just saw this on Facebook. Evan Brown’s gone and got himself a band, named “Storm Team”, and they’ve release a music video. Gotta support the founding fathers. Check it out, it’s Downtown in all the right places.

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The First Honest Cable Company

Warning: NSFW language ahead! Headphones, people!

Spot fuckin’ on.

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This Hilariously Loopy Girl Thinks She Murdered Her Wisdom Teeth

Ahhhh, a video of a drugged up kid after oral surgery.  This one is of a girl in Kansas named Abbie.  Through the entire video of her car ride home, she can’t stop crying – because she’s convinced she MURDERED her wisdom teeth.  She’s holding them in a little cup the whole time, and a lot of what she says is slurred, but she basically talks about how she loved them and was sorry for what happened to them.


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It’s Time To Change The World

Let’s do this thing already. Our kids are going to be ashamed enough of us as it is.

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April Fool’s Day Approaches!

This guy’s reaction to April Fool’s Day pranks is more measured and reasonable than CBS Radio’s policy on them, so watching this video is as close as I’ll get to having fun on April 1.

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